pub life

The weekend was good, but I think I’ll highlight Friday night. I was cranky, Bryan was home late from a haircut, and we decided we wanted Thai food. So we headed down Crawford St. (the sleepy side of Marylebone, but I like it) to the one sure Thai place we knew. Did you book? she asked. No, we said. 30-minute wait. Ugh. Now we had to get creative. There are two joints at the end of the road that serve Thai food inside English pubs. Apparently common, but we were skeptical. Tried the first. 30-minute wait. Last chance, The Windsor Castle.

It was somebody’s birthday so this always-packed little pub decorated as an exploding homage to the Royal Family, had a 2-man violin/harmonica/guitar team playing their hearts out on some blues and Irish ballads. An Irishman sang along. The owner walked around surveying the generations of customers, the kid coloring in a coloring book, and the dog asleep under the bar stools while looking through his MONOCLE. The music was incredible, the English couple next to us were delightful, the Thai food was delicious, the man with the monocle was gracious, and when we left, we realized the other half of the bar was hosting its monthly convening of the Handlebar Club (in existence since 1947- click on its “gallery” of photos, you won’t be disappointed). About twenty men with handlebar mustaches sitting around having a chat and a laugh.

This is a great country.



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2 responses to “pub life

  1. Sonjey

    That’s a riot….. A must see for Sonjey in December!

  2. As soon as I can shave, I’m joining the Ministry of Moustaches.

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