precious time i will never get back

Sometimes I wonder how many minutes of my life have been spent trying to separate the opening of a plastic bag- specifically those flimsy, clear bags in the grocery store you are supposed to put your produce or rolls and pastries in, and sometimes also garbage bags. It feels like I stand there for hours, using my thumb and forefinger in a rapid back-and-forth motion, like trying to unsuccessfully start a fire with two sticks. Please bag, I say to myself, please open. People are staring. That woman came here after me and she is already 4 apples and 3 green peppers ahead of me. This is ridiculous. Why won’t you open? What space-age technology is responsible for the fact that you come off the production line in a very firmly closed position? And then ten minutes into my ongoing failure, during which time my increased hand sweat has no doubt further thwarted my futile efforts, I realize I am trying to open the sealed bottom portion of the bag. So sometimes I forgo the bags, and I just avoid eye contact with the checkout cashier when all my loose limes and potatoes and garlic bulbs are rolling down the conveyor belt willy nilly.



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3 responses to “precious time i will never get back

  1. mira

    Skip the bag…way better for the environment! whilst your at it, pop a reusable bag in your buggy for the other grocery bits too! (how’d I do?).

  2. yael

    Oh, I totally use reusable grocery bags!! This is London after all… people try and trip you if you use plastic. But I haven’t seen reusables yet for the mini stuff, like two lemons. But you’re right, I am skipping them altogether. Also, I like your use of “whilst.”

  3. Nilda

    use saliva, like when turning a page in a magazine.

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