some of my favorite britishisms

Everyone knows “cheers,” “brilliant,” and “lovely.” I always sound like the biggest poseur when I attempt to use any of those casually in coversation.

But here are some other faves:

  • rubbish – Not just the trash you throw out, but people, ideas and demands are rubbish too. It’s all just rubbish.
  • loads – Ooooh I love this! British people use it ALL the time the way Amerikanskies use “tons” or “a lot.” As in: I heard in America there are loads of nail salons.
  • bits – I love this too! Used the way Amerikanskies use “pieces” or “body parts.” Like, Orange Juice with Bits (pulp), or Join a gym to get rid of your jiggly bits.
  • called – No one is “named” something, they are “called” something. My husband, called Bryan. I have a friend called Gwyneth Paltrow.
  • one off – Used in so many situations, I don’t even know… I think it means “one of a kind,” so you can have a one-off tailored suit, or a one-off event. Maybe some real Anglophiles will correct me.


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3 responses to “some of my favorite britishisms

  1. do you now talk like ethan? was that his name?

  2. Maddo

    i think you’re in the ballpark yael. also used as ‘one time only’. ‘this is a one-off exception.’

  3. bermudaonion

    We lived in France when our son was in kindergarten and first grade. He took “English as a Second Language” in school. The teacher who taught it was French and married to a Brit, so he came home with things like “trousers”, “dustbin” and he would do things “straightaway.”

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