jackson hole, wyoming

Our 5-day trip to Jackson Hole was well-worth the longest flights I have ever taken in my life. And now the airlines are cutting back on eyemasks. Can you imagine.

It was a fun time to see lots of familiar faces from the U.S. offices of Bryan’s employer, as well as hang out with the London people, now that we are so British and all. Company trips are inherently weird (e.g., seeing your boss in a bikini, doing shots with direct reports, making small talk while hungrily eying a breakfast buffet that is about to close), but Jackson Hole is an incredibly beautiful town, and good times were had by all. There was white water rafting, hiking, fly fishing, golf, lake cruises, horseback riding, Yellowstone and Teton National Parks, country line dancing in Jackson, cowboy hats to buy, and the spa. Staying in the nicest Four Seasons resort hotel EVER has certainly ruined me to some degree. There is much I could say about these brief chances to “see how the other half live”, but to sum it up: when laying by the pool, there were hotel staff on hand to occasionally spritz my face with Evian mist.

Also, this precious chance to be in the United States meant that in just 5 days, I ate my annual allotment of American bacon (you had me at applewood smoked), and read no less than ten tabloid magazines. I can carry on in my expat life now, knowing that Lindsay Lohan is gay and Jessica Alba lost her baby weight.

view from the room

most embarrassing photo ever

men of power

dancing with the photographer

my long-lost junior high friend, zach, also made the trip


And on an unrelated note, we booked tickets to see The Dark Night on Saturday night with friends. I love UK “cinema,” because you get to pick your seat, which means you can arrive right as the movie is starting and still be fine. But I am curious if any of you have seen the movie yet. And oh yeah, I cannot believe Christian Bale assaulted his family. Empire of the Sun is like the greatest movie of all time. What a loser.



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3 responses to “jackson hole, wyoming

  1. Do you book the movie tickets online too? That’s my favorite part, pick the seats a few hours in advance, stop off to grab the printed tickets at the machine… now if only they would do proper movie popcorn with butter I’d be in heaven!

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  3. Shvenska jr., Alex, UG

    Do the men get spritzed with Sierra Nevada pale ale?

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