my broken heart (post 2)

While we were away, lots of things happened.

That’s a profound sentence, I know. But I definitely was struck by how many things could happen in the orbit of the people I love in a span of just 8 days. New baby, a miscarriage, a break-up, a legal emergency… just a reminder that life goes on in its own mysterious way.

I recently got news that Charms had been kidnapped in India. Charms is one of my brother Micah’s best friends, his friend from college, and then neighbor in Charleston. I blogged about Charms once, and his blog has always been listed on my blogroll. A few months ago, he set out on a year-long trip around the world, by himself, with his backpack, his good eye for taking photographs, and his better way of expressing the beautiful absurdity of his adventures. I was jealous when I heard what he was doing, but as I followed his daily blog, I just became grateful that someone I knew was doing what he was doing. It made me feel exhilarated by extension. I know some of you have felt the same. Charms never seemed to filter his accounts, the way maybe I would. He never felt he had to do PR for a country or a people. He was just honest, and somehow the beauty of a country shined through, in spite of, or because of, this honesty.

Something happened in India- of which I don’t know the details. I know it was bad- bad enough for this very strong and adventurous person to come back to the U.S. months and months and months ahead of schedule. What I know is that the second I heard the news, the only emotion I could conjure was the feeling of a heartbreak. That maybe Charms’ innocence in some way is gone. That his total embrace and goodwill towards people in parts of the world so many of us ignore, has been ironically eroded by the same people he went to meet. I hope he goes back. I really, really do.


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  1. charamella08

    i just read this. it is now in the mid days of october. just want to say that your comments are very much appreciated and that your allegiance to my blog also meant a lot. sometimes bad things happen, but all things including the bad ones shape who we are. i will be back out there. maybe not in the immediate future but as soon as possible. 99.99% of people are good, i just happened to be ambushed by that .001%.

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