croatia (post 4)

There’s a lot I want to say, a lot I want to plagiarize from the two guidebooks we used. But I will attempt a milder form of torture on you. Here is my quick stream of consciousness:

Croatia is as beautiful in parts as Tuscany, and others, the American West or the Riviera. It geographically has the components of all three: rolling green hills, terracotta-roofed houses, vineyards, mountain ranges, and over a thousand miles of coastline dipping into the turquoise (no exaggeration) Adriatic Sea. The food is fresh and local (so I watched other people eat fish a lot), the people are Slavic and proud. Important stretches of the country now exist a great deal on tourism, which I always struggle with internally, as I know I am partly the cause. But there is a reason people are drawn there. It is filled with visitors, but not as many Americans as will be there in ten years. Hang in there, Croatia. It associates itself with Western Europe, in the ways of its cafes and attitudes and sophistication and beauty. Its history and geography tells it it’s in Eastern Europe. My parents were there when it was part of Yugoslavia. The complicated business of ethno-political conflict and treaty-making mean that a hairline break in Croatia’s coastline, bizarrely, was given to Bosnia. It is all fascinating, and breathtakingly beautiful. It is one of the finest vacations Bryan and I were ever smart enough to plan. Croatia is a must-see. And a visitor there is never more than a minute away from gelato.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

the drive…


the island of Vis

what teenagers in Vis do for fun


Bryan got a shout-out on the wall of the old city for his Strong Island shirt



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8 responses to “croatia (post 4)

  1. Becky

    Croatia looks awesome. Not as awesome, however, as your bangs.

  2. snosh

    #1- the best thing about your marriage to bryan (in my opinion) is that he indulges you in so many self-potraits. boyfriend always rolls his eyes and makes his constipation face when i take pics of us.
    #2- your new camera takes fab pics. do you always use the auto setting or do you experiment pic by pic with the pre settings?
    #3- i really do love your bangs, altho i kind of hate you bc tho we are the same age you look maybe 25.

  3. Sonjey

    wow! Great pics, Yael… did Bryan really eat that fish?

  4. Ugh you had bad weather in Plitvice. Hopefully you guys still loved it. Bry doesn’t hate me now does he?

    How great is the Dubrovnik wall walk…

    Sounds like you had an awesome trip, I’m jealous!

  5. Great photos. Can’t wait to get there. Thanks from us at I’ll swap you a trip to Aruba for a trip to Croatia.

  6. Great pictures! Damn Yael, you look fantastic!!

  7. yael

    I hope the live version of my bangs lives up to the hype… but I am not so sure.

    I have to take self-portraits, or else all our vacation pictures would be of Bryan. You ladies know what I’m talking about.

    Only 25?

    Bryan ate that fish! They love serving it that way, bones and all. Another reason I don’t do food that grew up in the water.

    Loved Plitvice anyway. Even with the cold rain. Dubrovnik wall is a life-must. Everyone who hyped Croatia was right.

    Um, I am not a good blog-comment-responder, huh?

  8. Shvenska jr., Alex, UG

    Cool blog! Yael, your a great blogger (don’t dis yourself). Looks like Croatia was awesome. And the people of Croatia? Friendly, pro-anti Long Island? Do they like the Mets or Yankees?

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