a few things (post 1)

Correction: Croatia is not on the euro. I don’t know why I made that up. And it seems like a small thing, but well, just in case you are a 9th-grader doing a project on post-civil war economies, I didn’t want to steer you wrong. Croatia is on the kuna. Although it might as well be on the euro. It is accepted there, and the country is not cheap to travel in. Well, not if you require two pillows per person, as we sometimes do.

After 24 hours in London, we left again yesterday for Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It’s an incentive trip for certain performers at the company where Bryan works. The initial flight was ten hours, and it was a little strange that the first time on American terra firma since becoming an expat, it is not be to see family and friends. But I think the Four Seasons and white water rafting will help me get over it all. These kind of trips turn me into a spoiled brat. The thread count on the sheets alone, plus in-room fireplace is only the beginning.

Since no blogging for a few, here are 4 for the price of 1. Space them out for a 10-second distraction at work each day. We get back Tuesday.



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4 responses to “a few things (post 1)

  1. Becky

    I admit, I was confused and wondered if you were blogging while on vacation. But that’s cool that you are able to set them up in advance. But it’s equally exciting to get FOUR new posts at once. You kill me with your generosity.

  2. This is the perpetual problem, the US mainland is so large that it is easy to go there and be totally inaccessible to family and friends. I have done several trips to different time zones from my family, both east and west (since I am a midwestern girl) and not managed to catch anyone at all, just did my work things and left. It’s a sad truth but makes you aware of how large the US is…

  3. snosh

    i would’ve come to wyoming just to see you …

  4. poren

    please update soon. i miss your prose…and i think i speak for all your readers when i say i can’t wait to see how your bangs look in wyoming;)

    p.s. please tell your friend charms that i miss his blog too (but glad he is home safe)-i wrote a long and somewhat stalkerish comment on his blog, but could not figure out how to actually get it to publish.

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