deanna & jason or, um, deanna & jesse

Last night was The Bachelorette season finale (I love the Slingbox so much, I want to make out with it, and I hope it comes through for me in Croatia).

If you have not been watching DeAnna Pappas whittle 25 men down to one for a marriage proposal, I have to be honest with you- you have missed out. She was the perfect star for this billionth installment of the potentially ailing series on ABC. She is beautiful with a hot bod that most women would kill for, but we don’t hate her. She seems like someone we would want in our back pocket as a best friend, and she’s had some heartbreaks in her life, which makes her sympathetic. And she is a staggeringly impressive “guy’s girl”- a phenomenal personality trait that makes her good at all sports and physical activity, and sarcastic and confident. It’s been fun to dissect each episode with some of my girlfriends, and make predictions along the way. It’s like a (American) football season without the constant disappointment, and last night was like the Superbowl without the utter boredom.

GOOD season, no?



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3 responses to “deanna & jason or, um, deanna & jesse

  1. kate

    it was so good!….but, i was very surprised by her choice!

  2. Wow, I was shocked to read that Deanna is the type you would want as a back-pocket best friend. Throughout the whole season, my best friend and I have put her in the “guys love her and girls hate her” category. Interestingly enough, I don’t hate her because of her amazing body and killer wardrobe (normally I would). Instead, she just bugs because of her lack of wit, intelligence, individuality, and ability to think about anyone other than herself (unless she is thinking about how they make her feel). Not gonna lie, though…SUCH a good season!

  3. Sonjey

    I was rooting for Mr. Perfect, Jeremy, all along….
    Until I saw the loving side of Jesse… I think they make a fun couple….. much like you and Bry!

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