a weekend for expatriate patriots

Friday we celebrated America’s dominance over the Natives, the British Monarchy and the fast food industry by attending a fun summertime concert in Hyde Park to the sounds of The National and Beck. Morrissey was the headliner, but after he started ranting about how eating meat was equivalent to eating disease and death, we decided to hightail it to a bbq joint, to meet some friends for some…wait for it…hickory-flavored disease and death.

(In this first photo, we think the couple meant to show their patriotism, rather than desecrate the flag. But it’s a bold move.)

I really wanted to wear my flag bikini. It was $5 on clearance from Old Navy at least 5 years ago. You might think that patriotism is remembering to vote, caring about important political issues, paying taxes and taking your hat off at a baseball game. Agree to disagree. I think nothing says more about my passionate love for the U.S.A. than wearing my old, ugly, wrong-sized bikini handcrafted by loving, happy hands in China. And I might even adopt that garment worker one day. That’s how much I love my country.

The bikini from years past (and crossing my fingers that, weather-permitting, I can wear it next year):

Flag Bikini 2004 Flag Bikini 2005

In further Important America News, I think I may have found American cheese in London. It’s not called that, of course, but it tastes and looks suspiciously similar. Which means maybe now we can stay here forever.

Today we leave for 8 days in Croatia. I know I don’t deserve a long vacation, but Bryan does. And he didn’t want to go alone. So we’re off. But the blog will live on. It’s time for the blog to spread its wings without momma, anyway.


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