Oh Paris. With your endless cafes and superior baguettes and love of ham on everything. Your military berets and chain smoking and restaurant maitre d’s whose ears are offended by my broken French. I couldn’t tire of your snaking Seine through the city crisscrossed by no less than a million bridges, your calorie-laden quiches and punk rock hotties carrying “man purses.” I am a slave to the Mediterranean je ne sais quoi of your people- even your stray dogs shoot arrogant glances around as they drop la maird ten paces from mes oeufs simples. I am smitten with your dirty, smelly chaotic streets of charm and sex appeal. If loving you is mal, I don’t want to be juste.

Eurostar: St. Pancras to Gare du Nord

A perfect lunch

Is he the groom, or just a pervy photog?

Solo pic attempts at the Louvre

Boule is taken so seriously, there are outdoor closets for the players

Statue of Liberty?

Tour d’Eiffel from Jardin de Luxembourg


Chez Paul in the Bastille neighborhood

Cafe de Flore en St. Germain

Sacré-Cœur and the views from Montmartre

en Montmartre

Seine boat cruise

No such thing as too many Eiffel Tower pictures



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7 responses to “paris

  1. poren

    j’adore your bangs!

  2. Maddo

    yeah, paris looks great but the haircut is a TEN 😉

  3. disarminglife

    I am living vicariously through your pics! thanks

  4. hoythappenings

    I was going to comment on how great your bangs look but that’s already been done. So, looks like Paris was great!

  5. so much fun! take me with you or beam me up!

  6. kate

    ditto on the bangs!

  7. Funny how you show a gazillion photos of Paris yet everybody is fixated on the bangs – nice cut by the way!
    I could not help but notice the joueurs de petanque at the Luxembourg Garden. I was planning on blogging about them. They take themselves oh so very seriously!
    I’m glad I’m not the only addict out there documenting every minute de ma vie.
    You also seem to write French better than a vache espagnole, but oeufs simples?!?
    I think you might enjoy some of my Paris blogging or some of the posts of epicurienne.wordpress
    She lives in London with a French Monsieur.
    Merci d’avoir partage vos souvenirs parisiens. Vous formez vraiment un charmant petit couple!

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