je suis très excité

In a few minutes, I will leave my flat, take the bus to St. Pancras train station, where I will take the Eurostar to Paris. I didn’t think I would get to go this soon, considering the prospect of returning has grown to mythic proportions inside my head. But our friend Greg is in Europe on business, and wisely suggested the three of us meet there. The boys are both working today and I am actually looking forward to a day in Paris alone- maybe I will live in my own little Amélie movie.

I don’t know if it’s cliché to love France as much as do. I actually think that for Americans in my age group, you are supposed to be obsessed with Thailand, or backpacking in Peru, or dying in a bus in Alaska from a poisonous flower. Which means my lifelong love of France is now officially old-school retro. VIVE LA FRANCE!

The first time I set foot in France was in 1990 with my 8th grade French class. I remember we all wore fanny packs and Joey Turner told me I dance like a white girl. The last time I set foot in France was 1993, the summer before my senior year of high school. My dad wisely pushed me to do AFS, and I worked as a camp counselor in a small town in the Loire Valley for three weeks, and spent one week in Paris. I played boule, yelled English obscenities at the young campers, “french” kissed the older son in my host family (TMI I know), ate frog’s legs, bought my first Vanessa Paradis casette tape, went to the discotheque (duh) and just blissed out. I have always been, and always will be, a francophile. I studied the language for nine years, minored in it in college (mais je parle comme une vache espagnol), and still have friends j’adore because we shared a bond in French class- in the days when I insisted on being called Juliette, or had to translate French films as homework. Just thinking about walking along the Seine, eating a baguette and dark chocolate… it’s too much.

I hope the digital camera survives.



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8 responses to “je suis très excité

  1. Becky

    I am still not over the fact you and Margaret got to go to France in 8th grade and Mira and I didn’t. It is my favorite place in the whole wide world and J’ADORE PARIS! Even though some little 7 year old gypsy boys tried to steal my wallet. I was busy thinking how cute it was that they were cuddling up next to me in the metro while they were stealing my plane ticket. So be careful.

    Please hit every single patisserie you can find for me. Baguettes, croissants, cheese, oh my.

    -Monique (the name I insisted on being called in French class)

  2. Ames

    Completement jalouse. J’ADORE la France. Bon voyage! Brings me back to my study abroad days in Aix-en-Provence. Loving all things French makes you hip like Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie – other Francophiles who know where it’s at.

  3. triniis

    so wanna be with you guys. have a great time! and don’t get kicked out of any cafe’s yo!!!!

  4. Big Pipes

    prefer san marino myself.

  5. mira

    I canNOT believe you failed to mention the famed black shoes that you got in Paris and wore for approximately ten years post-trip you loved them so much.

  6. yael

    Yes, I loved them so:

    I also love all of you who love all things Frenchy.

  7. disarminglife

    I visited Paris last summer and I am still wearing the shoes I bought there! Oh je suis tres jalouse de toi!

  8. mira

    I love that the shoes are made by Palladium, which is a subsidiary of Consolidated Shoe Company located in Lynchburg, VA. Somehow that is just bizarro to me.

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