Since I met my man, I have known his holy trinity of bliss:

  1. Music
  2. The Jets and The Mets
  3. Sushi

His family and friends immediately follow on the list.

I am not a proper music lover like Bryan. I don’t read Brooklyn Vegan, or Rolling Stone or try and go to see live music once a week. If I had my way, my Ipod would only be filled with Cyndi Lauper, Edie Brickell, Sean Kingston and R Kelly. But Bryan has exposed me to a lot of new stuff, and I am better for it. And there is no band he loves more than Radiohead. My entire experience with Radiohead before meeting Bryan was during the summer of ’93. I was leaving for France for one month (more on that tomorrow), and my boyfriend at the time and I decided to exchange small gifts the night before I left. He gave me the Pablo Honey tape with Radiohead’s “Creep” on it. I gave him a Beavis and Butt-head poster. Both were awesome gifts at the time, I swear. Rob and I only lasted a month, but I still like Radiohead.

Last night we saw their show in Victoria Park on the outskirts of London. We had brought along some friends and it was a beautiful, perfect weather night. Also fun to see what Europeans at a concert are like: not as many words on t-shirts, but definitely as many Converse low-tops. And Bryan could not contain his total euphoria. He actually became That Guy. The guy we usually hate because he is singing all the words at the top of his lungs. Bryan not only did that, he often did it directly into my eardrum. But if he’s happy, my stereocilia are happy.

Bad concert photos before fun lights show

Tallest Man In England stands in front of us

Photos from our honeymoon



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2 responses to “radiohead

  1. Ed

    I wonder if Radiohead ranks ahead of Living Colour in Bryan’s all-time greatest band list. Because back in college, we were famously told that Living Colour was the greatest band ever.

  2. Bryan

    Ed – Living Colour was the greatest band ever, at the time. And That’s a proven fact. Radiohead however, has since eclipsed them. Good point though, Good point.

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