i am sorry

to England for the invasion of such fine American culture as My Super Sweet 16, McDonalds, the OC and Gossip Girl. But I am not sorry we have exported The Prom. You need Prom. You need the awkwardly posed professional photographs, limo rides, boutonnieres (why?) and expensive hairdos to go with your braces. Oh wait, there aren’t a lot of braces here. Let’s be honest.



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6 responses to “i am sorry

  1. Prom is interesting, but I was hoping for the next chapter in the saga of the brown pants.

  2. Big Pipes

    What’s wrong with My Super Sweet 16? Culture oozes out of this show.

  3. yael

    The brown pants are at the dry cleaners. Let’s all cross our fingers. Everyone knows wrinkle-free Dockers with perma-crease are as hot as it gets.

    The prob with My Super Sweet 16 here is there are too many castles, horses and grey skies involved. The bling in England just isn’t the same. It’s peacock feathers instead of ice. Know what I mean?

  4. Wrist corsages. There needs to be more elastic-band wrist corsages in England.

  5. kate

    how can you apologize for gossip girl?? soo good…

  6. jerrychicken

    I curse your prom-fad.

    I cursed your prom-fad three years ago when my (now) 19 year old daughter spent all of my money on a dress and a limo.

    And I curse your prom-fad now as my (now) 16 year old daughter spends all of my money and patience trying to find a prom dress for next Friday night and having to be told for the 479th time that no, she can’t have a limo because they are all booked out for the 4th of July, although why that should be the case in England I know not.

    A curse on your importations.

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