grasping reality on summer in england

It’s been pretty nice weather since we moved here. So nice, that we are continually warned by people not to get used to it- that in fact it’s a terrible anomaly not seen since Easter two years ago. Hmm. I have been in denial. I have been convinced it is a higher power’s effort to appease us and make us love London. And yet, I do wait for the other shoe to drop. Whatever that expression means.

And so, understandably, this article over the weekend had me pretty depressed. (A) because I left New York, and (B) because I sort of feel I am being denied of my birthright. “Skimpy little dresses” with “spindly little straps” have always been God’s olive branch to the small-boobed set. So if you’re an A/B-cup stranded in a more temperate climate zone, I guess it sucks to be you. And I’m pale, so thanks for the double whammy 51-degree latitude North.

My levels of serotonin can be bought for a small price though. No, not the price of some Ecstacy you degenerate. Today I gave myself a little project and put together a charcoal barbecue for our terrace. It doesn’t matter that our hamburgers will be constructed from inferior Scottish beef or that it might take me a 3-day trek to locate Hebrew National hot dogs- we are going to grill this “summer,” dammit.



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5 responses to “grasping reality on summer in england

  1. It was in the 90s when I was interviewing for my current job, in July 2006. That was actually WAY too hot for the UK, since most houses, hotels, cars, restaurants, etc. did NOT have air conditioning. Or even fans. It was utterly miserable. But it is true that the recent warm stretch is the nicest its been since April 2007. I was wearing two layers with long sleeves in July/August last summer.

  2. carissa

    kurt was just saying that he really misses london this time of year- his weekends at the markets (that food is amazing) and east london…there is nothing here like it. (brick lane, borough market, spittalfield(s?)-all of it) We can’t wait to visit for fun and have time to explore…next spring maybe!

    so, enjoy! You will miss it someday!

  3. I remember going to the butcher while studying abroad, desperate for a good burger, but being…less than impressed with the quality of meat. The 3-day trek for good hot dogs is time well spent. Let the grilling commence!

  4. werica

    nyc in the summer misses you too! and from another a/b cup sized boob, i totally agree that summer dresses save me in the summer… enjoy the fab weather over there!

  5. I have two packages of Hebrew National hot dogs in the freezer just waiting for summer to come!

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