five days of bedlam

Our friends Dave & Trina left this morning on the Eurostar headed for Paris. They arrived here Friday morning off a redeye. That means there were exactly five full days for us to wreak a tremendous amount of havoc on the city of London. We are definitely surprised we did not get kicked out of any place we frequented. If I could succinctly describe how the four of us act when we’re together, I would say: like escaped convicts on muscle relaxers. That makes sense, right?

Good times in Marylebone

It’s that kind of town

Perfect wedding gifts from D & T

Bus tour. Big Ben kids, Parliament.

Good day. Blikey. Blimey.

Me imitating 2 good SNL skits: the digital short involving lettuce and “Double Trouble” (I’m the fat twin)

Wagamama & The Moose

Yes, we have a chair lift in our building

East London – Spitalfields Market, The Ten Bells…

…Brick Lane

Notting Hill and like Yoda jackets, the boys do not.

The LAME Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace… Battle of the marching bands to a Grease medley????

Hyde Park, Harrods, Kensington Gardens, high tea

Fish ‘n Chips

DiGangis do the Tate Modern

Last night curry


Oh yeah, sometimes Nikki popped over



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3 responses to “five days of bedlam

  1. Ney Ney

    Damn. You never suggested hitching post jumping to me and Sonjey.

  2. Josh

    Golf clap for the amount of work that went to posting all these images…

  3. yael

    You have no idea brother. You all are lucky I am unemployed.

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