the day after

One anniversary down, hopefully sixty-eight more to go. We celebrated low-key and hung out with our friends all day. Went for fish & chips for dinner- which means I had a greek salad. Ahhh marriage.



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4 responses to “the day after

  1. Congratulations!!! Here’s wishing you many many more happy anniversaries.

  2. I like how you’re planning for 69 years of marriage. All class. Happy anniversary!

  3. Nilda

    What?! No jewelry? You better be saving up for something really big! ha ha ha

  4. Ney Ney

    Fantastic! I’m planning to be around to celebrate your 69th. I think the appropriate gift for a 69th is a country. You are each a joy, and together you are joy squared. Is that too nerdy to say? I love you both so much.

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