tall discrimination

We have three friends in town so there is no way I can properly post the usual crapola. But I will say that the first one to arrive was my friend Nikki, from law school, last night. I dragged her to a JMU happy hour. Go Dukes. It was attended by five people. We have to work on our international presence. Go Dukes. Then I went to two more bars. Yael, stop drinking.

My friendship with Nikki, besides the ridiculous photos we have together (“height differences are funny”), has taught me about the struggle of tall women. Not only are they already reduced to a dating pool of 1% of all men, but said tall men GO FOR SHORT WOMEN (I’m looking at you Tony Parker). The injustice of it all. I have always done my part to support my tall sisters by not competing for men. I like shorties. Meaning, short. Not the other kind of shorty. Not only do I crush hard on short men, I have even been known to like a dwarf or two. Namely, Peter Dinklage in The Station Agent. But enough about me.

And why do we all think it’s so weird to see a taller woman with a shorter man? I’ll admit, these photos are crazy to me.

Now I’m logging off. Our friends from Chicago, Dave & Trina, are here. And we are definitely going to get into some trouble.



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4 responses to “tall discrimination

  1. Big Pipes

    Your analysis on tall women is fundamentally flawed…..However, Oprah should do a show on this topic. Either a show on tall women dating short men or on short men who are loved by women who lose their cameras and break their X-box….

  2. yael

    Big Pipes, I love your classy wife. She is hot, and short. So obviously I forgive you for being one of the tall girl-haters. But um, you’re not making their lives easier. For sure though Oprah should do a show on short, skinny hairy men that love camera losers.

  3. Sonjey

    Let’s not forget Bryan’s parents were slightly off balance… The bride wore flats, the groom wore lifts!

  4. carissa

    I love picturing Nikki with you there! (I am sitting at 320 jay street, on jury duty and caught up on a month of your blog! This place isn’t bad though- wireless….i can’t complain too much) say hi for me.

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