may 28, 2007

Today last year it was Memorial Day and I was boarding a plane to Montego Bay, Jamaica. Bryan and I flew with my brother Josh and our friend Greg, and through the generosity of Bryan and Greg with their frequent flyer miles, we all flew first-class. My dress hung in the airplane closest, we drank multiple bottles of wine and champagne, and we laughed at all the brides flying coach.

Mostly I was just on my way to the best week of my life.



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6 responses to “may 28, 2007

  1. Wow. It must have been nice not to have a co-worker call you on the way to your wedding and tell you that she just got reamed by another lawyer.

  2. Rebarky

    how time flies. Happy one year! It was a wonderful week and wedding.

  3. yael

    If I had been called by a junior colleague who (a) looked up to me as a mentor and guide, and (b) I knew this person was calling me at the terrifying behest of the managing partner, I would (c) be incredibly patient, professional and helpful. But that’s just me.

    Btw, how is your relationship with said reaming-lawyer? That’s what I thought.

    At least Nilda has forgiven me. I thought she might put a hex on my first-born.

  4. mira

    I love that you can see a bag full of Yael’s art supplies in two of the photos. Even in Jamaica she got crafty!

  5. Josh

    I was so lucky to be let into Jamaica after that flight.

  6. Nilda

    Nilda has NOT forgiven you, but I would not blame your unborn children. I actually contemplated calling you in Jamaica, but Brian convinced me otherwise… Lucky, lucky girl! =)

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