grown men crying

I don’t really know how to say this, so without going into unnecessary and complicated details involving jumbled cords and a step-down converter, I will just say that I, um… may have fried Bryan’s Xbox.

Although it happened yesterday afternoon, I waited until after we had finished eating a lovely little dinner to tell him. It wasn’t calculated on my part, in fact, I had forgotten. Because to me it was just a quirky anecdote, like “oh yeah honey, I am so spacey- you will never believe what I did with the grey cord today…”

Well, Bryan’s body went limp. His face went ashen. He rushed to the floor below the tv and in a crumpled heap, aimlessly moved wires around, with the futile but determined energy of someone rocking their dead dog. I froze. I mean, I have known this man almost nine years and this was a first for us. I stared at his back for ten minutes. Neither of us said a word. The only sound to interrupt the sounds of wires and boxes being moved was this slow and deliberate statement that I heard even with his back turned: “Yael. You are so careless sometimes.”

He used my first name.

And although he will never admit it, I am almost sure that at some point during the ten-long-minutes-of-silence-standoff-with-his-back-to-me, I saw Bryan’s body slightly quiver and I do think for one moment a tear might have escaped his eye. I mean, he did that guy thing where he sniffed real loud like it’s just a cold, but I really think this may be the second time in my life of knowing him he has cried. Not on our wedding day. Only with the impending realization that he may be delayed in playing Call of Duty.

That’s what I like about men. They save crying for the important things. Like the Rangers soccer fans from Glasgow Wednesday night in Manchester who, after 20,000 of them couldn’t get tickets to the sold-out UEFA cup final match, came to watch the game beamed onto huge television screens erected in a center part of the city. When the tv screens stopped working before kick-off, the Scottish fans began to riot. Police were beaten, women were beaten, a man was stabbed…

But the best part? Men getting in touch with their emotions. On all the news stations last night there were just men bawling, bawling, sobbing, crying, inconsolable, incoherent, out of breath and suffocating on their own waterworks. Why, oh why, oh whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is there no tv I can watch the game on????? Whyyyyyyyyyy g-d? Whyyyyyyyyyy would you do this to meeeeeeeeeeeeee? Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Sniffle.



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12 responses to “grown men crying

  1. Is the xbox ok?? What did you do? Bad Yael! Bad!

  2. yael

    “I didn’t mean to.” Why does this excuse never work?! We don’t know if it’s broken yet, but I definitely shorted the cord by sticking it into a normal converter in an outlet, rather than a step-down converter. This has something to do with US vs. UK voltages which is boring, but you’re a nerd so maybe you are fascinated.

  3. Josh

    This is all just a smokescreen to explain why me and Micah haven’t seen Bry on call of Duty in months! How are we going to defeat the terrorists if we don’t have him to use as a decoy?

  4. Big Pipes

    i asked that you blog about sports. soccer does not count.

  5. Bryan Caplin

    I hope everyone tips a bit of their 40 oz. tonight in memory of my fallen Xbox.

  6. Rebarky

    I don’t get what all the fuss is about. Is Xbox basically a modern version of Atari 500?

  7. Sonya

    I’m going to be thinking about that sad/dead face post-it all weekend. Hilarious.

  8. Joe

    This totally explains why Bryan is still at level 23 in COD4! Hey Cap, isn’t level 23 equivalent to a private?

    And sigbigups, are you too good to play with this poor bklyn boy? 🙂

  9. Sonjey

    I hope everything is okay….. I cried too, but what else is new?????

  10. Suzanne

    I (Sonjey’s) friend was reading this and shared it with my 9 yr old additcted to xbox and wii son! He was so upset about the fall of the xbox he got teary eyed himself. I thought this was a great moment to teach him about humanity and sensitivity and what things were really important to cry about. He understood, but walked away, under his breath saying “but mom, you dont understand the importance and you never will…..” Ahhh….. a man in the making! Bryan….my son sends his symnpathies!!! 🙂

  11. yael

    Thank you all of the good wishes. We ordered a special plug for the Xbox to see what happens…if it’s salvageable. I will keep you posted. And hopefully we stay married.

  12. Josh


    I’m down with COD any time. Since Yael almost blew up the xbox, I think that means Bry should be allowed some future marathon COD sessions. I’ll get Micah on there too…

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