reality tv brings people together

Last night I had 5 girls over to watch the finale of The Bachelor: London Calling. Even though I really don’t know that many women in London yet and even though ABC programs are not shown in the UK- between the slingbox and the mutual joys of reality television, we were able to come together and make it happen, drinking wine and dissecting the odds by body language and speech (there’s your “sports talk”, Big Pipes). And since you weren’t wondering: Matt proposed to Shayne.

Of all Bryan’s good friends, the toughest nut for me to crack after 8 years turned out to be a huge lover of the most base celebreality tv shows on VH1. And let me tell you how that has finally sealed our bond for life. Now he and I are content in a room with a tv, a couch, and Bret Michaels making out with tatted up h*s.

Once when a friend had just returned from three years in Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer, he came to stay with us while getting settled in New York. Trying to ease him gently through the culture shock, I forced him to watch back-to-back episodes of “The Biggest Loser.” Because what’s more American than obesity and personal trainers.

So to Bunim-Murray and Mark Burnett, the pioneers of The Real Word and the man behind Survivor, who forever altered the fate of the universe, I thank you. Because real soulful connections are overrated. I like people who like reality tv.

P.S. My two faves in the UK:

Katie & Peter, which is also on E! so don’t miss it!




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2 responses to “reality tv brings people together

  1. Ney Ney

    Let’s hear it for Katie and Peter! I discovered them a couple years ago. They are unlike anyone else on TV. Their wedding show was a classic. I’ve never seen a wedding gown like that. It would have been my fantasy gown when I was five years old (minus Katie’s gigantic breasts).

  2. Big Pipes

    it had me at hello monkey.

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