when it’s hot and sunny in london…

it kind of feels like you are cheating G-d. Or at least cheating the bad stereotypes people have of London. Hundreds of thousands of people continually pour out of the buses and tube stations, armed with sandwiches and wine or champagne, and clearly having rustled through the backs of their closets to find some skimpy summer clothes.

Saturday we went to Hampstead Heath, a huge park in north London that has rolling hills, swimming ponds, thousands of crazy people, and a hillside view of the entire city. Sunday we went to Regent’s Park- because it is breathtakingly beautiful and the sounds of serenity are only ever interrupted by the inevitable popping of champagne or prosecco. Oh and because it’s a 2-minute walk from our flat.

As Bryan and I entered the park, he said to me in a sweet voice, “I love us because you look British and I don’t.” My heart instantaneously melted because I was sure he meant that I looked bohemian chic enough to fit in with the natives, or more generally that I had an air about me that was anti-tourist. I was beaming. I said, “what do you mean?”

He said: “Because you are so pale.”

Hampstead Heath

View of London from Parliament Hill

Swimming ponds segregated by creature – crazy pale Brits, or dogs

When the no-good houligan young’uns start smoking the herb and doing whip its… It’s time for us to go!

Is it possible London is this warm and beautiful?

A Euro couple among Euros

Always planning the next hurrah



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3 responses to “when it’s hot and sunny in london…

  1. Rebecca i.e. the Ensnarer

    you guys both look hot in these pictures. And TAN. I am jealous.

  2. yael

    That’s the camera playing tricks, seriously.

  3. Ney Ney

    Where can I buy that camera?

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