The universe got it right.

Yael & Renee long time ago

bryan and sandy long time ago

Happy Mother’s Day.



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7 responses to “mums

  1. Sonjey

    Who are those people?????? you guys are what makes Mother’s Day more than just a hallmark day!! Happy Day
    love,……mum (Sonjey)

  2. Ney Ney

    I’m fahklempt.

  3. Ney Ney

    I mean farklempt.

  4. kate

    i am wearing my yummy mummy socks today!

  5. Josh

    great hair Mom. Is that me in the top right?

  6. Ney Ney

    yael and i were both having a bad hair day. mine lasted several decades. yes, that’s you!

  7. Rebecca i.e. the Ensnarer

    Adorable. Yael and Bryan are making the EXACT same face.

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