the tweens (heart) jason castro

A blogging first: my mother told me what I have to blog about. She emailed me:

“After you watch American Idol, you have to blog about it.”

Ten-four mommy.

AI\'s Jason CastroI want to say that it was unfair that Jason Castro was the least talented contestant ever on AI and yet the prepubescent tween girl market in America single-handedly kept him alive for so long, mad texting their votes in between decoupaging their Hannah Montana collages. But it is a popularity contest after all. Otherwise the age cutoff wouldn’t be 28, and Paula Abdul would stop talking about their outfits.

I’ll admit- I even thought Jason was hot before. I mean, I know I am married, and old enough maybe to be his mother (assuming I could have given birth to him to coincide with getting my first high school locker freshman year), but I had a few fleeting fantasies about what it would be like to be wrapped like a pig-in-a-blanket in his half-Latin dreadlocks.

But then, well… then he just sucked at singing. And worse than that, he could never think of anything clever to say in interviews, and gave a goofy loping smile and galloped across stage everytime he was was unjustly preserved. And that’s where I draw the line. No talent? Not smart? Not clever? You are dead to me. Boring = death.

I mean, I would still spoon him I GUESS.

So long fair Jason.



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6 responses to “the tweens (heart) jason castro

  1. Ney Ney

    Thanks, Baby! And I must add that after I finally had the nerve to admit to a friend that I found Jason to be totally hot, she confessed that she did, as well. I then polled several other post-menopausal friends. Yes, same reaction. Ah, the hair. Ah, the eyes. Ah, the smile. Ah, the vacant looks. Maybe it’s the memory of our hippie days. Whatever. All I know is we just turned the volume off each week, and watched and smiled…

  2. Big Pipes

    Bryan is a lucky man.

  3. I can’t believe he lasted as long as he did.
    Nice blog–come check out mine when you get a chance!

  4. madmonq

    Your confessions of spooning that kid were as funny as they were upsetting. Thank you.

  5. Sonjey

    I must now admit, that I. too. was a closet Jason fan… I even voted for him……. only after Somewhere Under the Rainbow and Allejlulah!!!!

    We haven’t seen the last of him!!!!!!

  6. Rebecca i.e. the Ensnarer

    Ah, Jason. IMO, he wasn’t as horrible of a singer as he was simply boring. He was truly incapable of saying anything intelligent or articulate or even just catchy. So I agree with you on that Yael. Physically, he was ok I guess. But it seems to me like everyone in the top 12 ends up being attractive so that wasn’t that much of a plus.

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