hyde park

Bank Holiday in Hyde Park…

Paddle boats on the Serpentine

Yael paddle boats Hyde Park paddle boats Hyde Park Bryan paddle boats Hyde Park


lu-vahs Hyde Park

Stop letting your dog “worry” the wildlife

sign Hyde Park

Things you don’t see every day

Muslim boating couple on Serpentine serenade along Serpentine ducklings in Serpentine thong + tramp stamp Hyde Park

Tats / Tramp stamps

tattoo 1 tattoo 2 tattoo 3 tattoo 4 tattoo 5

Why does Bry hate my flower pictures?

flicking off flowers

I guess I will keep him…

bry yael Hyde Park

Because maybe one day he can afford this:

Bry staring longingly at car

P.S. Bryan is in Paris today for meetings. He just called me from a cafe. I am jealous.


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One response to “hyde park

  1. Snosh

    i’m amazed at how you were able to snap those photos of the unsuspecting subjects! you must have a nice zoom on your camera.

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