a new day for london, a new day for me

London has elected a new mayor. Not sure this monumental news even made the CNN ticker, but it was, according to sources more knowledgeable than me, the most captivating mayoral race in the history of London, and the elections overall the biggest “bloodbath” to the Labour Party in 40 years.

This seems like big news, right? Yeah, maybe…I dunno. I feel like it’s bigger news that I saw a movie by myself for the First.Time.Ever.

32 years-old and I finally caved. I was walking home Friday evening from the post office and passed a beautiful “cinema” (aka movie theater) that I walk by every single day. The movie playing was Happy-Go-Lucky and I felt like that was some sign that my first solo film (aka movie) should go by that title, and that it would all be okay. But it was better than okay. It was spontaneous, it followed a long day of meeting with job prospects, I got to have a whole tub of popcorn to myself, the theater is gorgeous with plush velour seats (apparently imported from France or something), and the film itself was certainly thought-provoking. And…you get a seat number! So no clawing your way into the theater. Oh, and you can drink beer and wine in there. Europe just agrees with my life philosophies at the moment.

In other news, today is a bank holiday here. HAPPY BANK HOLIDAY! And Bryan is back from Majorca. For some reason he and Greg decided to have a Jager shots competition with two 22 year-old guys at a bar. The ten year age difference proved too much for our heroes and they spent a good portion of their time on a stunning island, hungover. But did manage to play some golf. While I was people-watching with friends in Notting Hill and then Hyde Park. Again- dare I say it? Just a nice little weekend.

Greg Majorca ducks Bry Majorca golf course 1 Greg golf swing Bry walking golf course Majorca Majorca


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One response to “a new day for london, a new day for me

  1. Snosh

    the first time i went to a movie alone was in arlington. after my mother pleaded with me not to do something so desperate, i arrived at the courthouse theater and a group of w-l girls spot me. when they realized i had attended the movie solo they fell all over themselves to invite me to sit with them. it was a thoroughly pathetic experience. all i wanted to do was get out and see a movie without talking to anyone. luckily i have since continued to attend movies alone (outside of arlington, of course) and have had way better experiences. after all, i hate sharing my popcorn …

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