nice friends

I am thinking the title of this post is redundant. Because basically you should not be friends with someone unless they’re nice. Or for proper grammar: unless “he or she” is nice. The World According to Yael.

Every week we get a little surprise in the mail. Maybe a postcard from a friend visiting DC who thought of us, or a much-needed supply of my got-to-have-it Kashi cereal, or creative birthday packages, or a little note with an article cut out, or a Yael-shirt that had to be bought for me, or Girl Scout Cookies… Beyond family, who are awesome to do these things (but also it’s kind of a law), it is so nice for our friends to think of us. I see how much the postage costs and usually it’s 17 times the value of the items contained within.

Although. Is there a value on real mail? No way. There is just something about real mail that makes this whole crazy trip feel okay.



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2 responses to “nice friends

  1. Barks

    (hangs head in shame for not sending one single measly piece of snail mail to her friends Yael and Bryan since they have been in London)

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