inefficiency surrounds us

Bryan has a few favorite subjects in the world: weather patterns; diagrammatic layouts of airports; why the [insert New York sports team here] will be “amazing” this year; and now: Mind-blowing Inefficiencies and Organi(s)ational Failures in the United Kingdom.

ATM out of orderWe were warned, that’s true. And we certainly noticed it upon arrival: British Telecom losing our money order and then taking 3 weeks to install a phone line, limited cable service in our very central neighborhood, closed bus stops, spotty tube service with it common for a line not to be running due to “signal failure,” airport terminals with only one ATM but quizzically, five stations to get ‘statements only.’

This brings us to a subset of Bryan’s new favorite subject: How Long Londoners Will Queue (Line Up) for an ATM. He is totally amazed and awed by the length of time people here will wait at a cash point. It is, I suppose, a hilarious testament to poor planning by British banks (typical, if you ask us), and low expectations of the natives. Queue on people.

ATM line

Oh, but I totally love London.


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