today’s top ten list

  1. MTV’s The Hills
  2. Our families
  3. Ground beef
  4. Our friends
  5. Having a dishwasher
  6. When Biggie’s “Juicy” comes on during Shuffle. I was so in the zone for one second on the elliptical, I was thinking “I TOTALLY REMEMBER WHEN ALL THE PEOPLE THAT LIVED ABOVE THE BUILDINGS THAT I WAS HUSTLING FROM CALLED THE PO-LICE ON ME WHEN I WAS JUST TRYING TO MAKE SOME MONEY TO FEED MY DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  7. Ikea
  8. Knowing Jake Gyllenhaal exists somewhere on this planet
  9. No gingivitis. Yet.
  10. Fridays

What’s yours?

I have been really worried that I am not going to get a book deal out of this staggeringly famous blog. But then yesterday I got my first “hate comment” and now I feel like I’ve really made it.

Oh, I placed it in my spam folder, but here goes:

“I think this post should be retitled to “Enjoying Anger”. You really got a thrill out of flipping off some idiot who stole your parking space? Really? I’m not sure what “sucked” about the store you visited, or why you felt everyone there was “useless”, but how did your childish display of temper help? This might be an interesting link for you to check out. [I can’t repeat the link- I think it’s pornographic.]

Have a super weekend everyone. Our friend Greg is coming to visit. Yay! And the teachers [or insert any discrete labor force here] in England are on strike right now, causing millions of parents to scramble for child care or miss work. Europe, you had me at strike.



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6 responses to “today’s top ten list

  1. Farg

    1. When your dad sends you articles entitled “Marry Him: Making the Case for Settling”
    2. Being forced to memorize every alumni and what they’re doing now to instill university pride (propaganda?)
    3. Emergen-C
    4. Spring finally springing in MPLS
    5. TLC
    6. Mojitos
    7. Being the only woman in the weight room
    8. Not needing an alarm clock (thanks dog)
    9. Pick up trucks on dirty bumpy roads
    10. Popcorn popped the old school stovetop way

  2. iheartcats

    i love that the hills is your no. 1. I don’t know what I would do if once a week i couldn’t watch at least 5 minute straight of zero dialouge while LC give meaningful glances and music plays in the background…so awesome.

  3. Jeremy

    10. Free breakfest;
    9. My Tivoli Radio (Model One);
    8. Grinding my own coffee beans;
    7. Free lunch;
    6. Deluding myself that my hairline isn’t really receding;
    5. Thinking about and shopping for another Tivoli Radio (one that is portable);
    4. Free dinner;
    3. Running in the park;
    2. The moment I realized that yes, I do like chicken liver (I’m serious); and
    1. The “Trifecta”: Free breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one day (a true mitzvah).

  4. I was so happy when I got my first hate comment. I showed it to everyone.

  5. Snosh

    10- Being at ease with the fact that I am a vegetarian that eats bacon and doesn’t make excuses for it
    9- The episode of Golden Girls where Blanche realizes she has started menopause
    8- Chickenfoot and the chickenfoot mix
    7- Getting drunk enough to where I’m comfortable hugging my friends but not quite drunk enough to vomit
    6- Forehead kisses
    5- When the cute boy on my soccer team affectionately calls me, “Tosh”
    4- Bath and Body Works eucalyptus hand soap and pillow spray
    3- The episode of Golden Girls … ah hell, ALL of the episodes bc I now own all 7 seasons on DVD.
    2- Fundraising
    1- Jammin’ on the elliptical machine listening to my “Work it Out” mix on the i-pod, which does include the song “Juicy” btw

  6. yaelgutt

    You have no idea how hard I laugh imagining you laughing hard to the Golden Girls. Ahhhhhhh.

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