my beautiful schizophrenic life

Last night I decided we were having a Passover Seder. So we did. In the beautiful town of London. We invited two friends over. The wine was abundant. The food was 100% made with love, home-cooked (one small benefit of temporary unemployment)… And as I was laughing and curled up on the couch in my bare feet pouring a 6th, 7th glass of wine for our guests, all I could think was: there is no place I can be but right here.

my first seder plate

But yesterday I also read more and more and more emails about our friend who got in the accident. My friend who is the husband of one of my best friends from college- living in Atlanta but now healing in a hospital in Texas. Because they are so universally loved, there are no shortage of emails to the group- telling us of phone calls and gifts and hospital visits and the detailed nuances of my pregnant friend’s well-being as she sits by her husband’s bed, watching him breathe…walk…talk…encouraging him on his road ahead (he will be okay, but it will take time). And all I can think is: why am I here? Why am I not there?

This morning I had a doctor’s appointment and was running late, as is my way. In my frenzied haste from the tube to the hospital, it took me a minute to realize I was running down a street called Buckingham Palace Road. And then, I remembered all over again that I am suppose to be here.



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3 responses to “my beautiful schizophrenic life

  1. Bryan Caplin

    What The Princess of Marylebone didn’t mention is that she prepared the entire Passover Seder by herself. And her guests couldn’t thank her enough. Princess of Marylebone, will you marry me? Oh wait, you did.


  2. kate

    as much as i would have loved to have you in texas, i know you are there for a reason. i just can’t wait until w is well enough for us to come visit you. your love from afar has been amazing!

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