another weekend abroad

My brain needed the weekend. I had the high of an engagement in the family, the low of not getting one of the jobs I interviewed for, and then the super low of finding out a good friend was in a car accident early Friday morning. Thank G-d, he will be okay. But there’s still work to be done and terrible inconveniences for his budding family. And isn’t it all just so random. So I said, bring on the weekend.

largest outlet and plug

A friend living in NY and I were talking last night about how much walking we do, and when visitors come from suburbs, they are always surprised how much we make them walk- by necessity. The walking requirement of NYC and London is one of my favorite things. Walking to the subway, transferring between lines, walking to the bus, walking to the true destination once you’ve gotten to your stop, walking around to do errands. Always walking- with groceries and dry cleaning and gym bag and briefcase, in heels, in rain, in cold, walking walking walking. With the people. And if we weren’t walking, we never would have discovered THE LARGEST OUTLET AND PLUG IN THE WORLD.

This weekend we also snuck into a little Guinness dive in Soho called The Toucan. Bryan and RickyWe then celebrated the exodus of the Jews from Egypt and the liberation of the Israelites from slavery with some Thai food. Sunday we explored East London with a friend- the curry houses and markets of Brick Lane and the good time vibes. We ended up at the pub known for hosting Jack the Ripper’s last victim downing her last pint. The Ten Bells. And in true English style, we drank outside on this balmy of days for a non-balmy place. Lovely. All of it.


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