these chosen people are missing you

These are all the things we won’t be doing tomorrow night:

Having a Passover Seder with 16 of our closest friends and family.

Eating Marj’s beef brisket, matzoh ball soup and my mom’s 50 different desserts.

Singing Dayenu in a heartfelt and celebratory manner, and later trying not to laugh when I catch Mira’s eyes during a make-funable reading passage.

Catching up with friends we haven’t seen in awhile, and generally marveling at the way holidays bring people from different corners of our lives together in a seamless and joyful way.

Dipping our finger in the wine ten times, eating parsley dipped in salt water or thinking, for the umpteenth time, that it is surprising how delicious matzoh is with haroset on top.

Thinking, yet again, that I really should find a synagogue to go to. That temple services used to give me such peace when I was young.

Taking pride in the beautiful enduring traditions of a world religion so small that a museum we went to recently decided not to feature it in its “World Religions” exhibit (but I did learn a lot about Taoism and Sikhism).

Complaining the next morning when my mom asks us to bring the rental table back to the store, but looking around the rooms of the house and marveling at the way they reliably, year after year, serve as a backdrop to these moments.

But we will be missing you.



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8 responses to “these chosen people are missing you

  1. Ney Ney

    You bring tears to my eyes. And my commitment is that your kids (and the entire next generation of Signer/Utts) will get to experience exactly the same thing, with all its beauty, its joy, and its occasional hilarity.

  2. Barks

    You forgot my favorite: when your Mom accidentally (?) starts doing the prayer for Hannukah even though that is a totally different holiday, and we skip approximately 29 of the 30 pages in the Passover service so we can hurry UP and eat already.

    Looking forward to many more Signer/Utt/Caplin/Roche/Kinnebrew/Fisher/Boor seders in the future with various iterations of Yael Juniors and Mira Juniors and Becky Juniors running around.

  3. mira

    I willl raise my bowl of Matzo ball soup to you and Bryan this year!

  4. A sense of peace?? Going to hebrew school used to make me feel sick. We called it “hebrewitis.”

  5. yaelgutt

    Brian H., Jews in Virginia are infinitely more special. Jewish in Phila? BOR-ing.

  6. You try more than a decade of hebrew school and then we’ll talk, ok?

  7. Banana Fana Fo FARGARET

    this unchosen midwestern phd slave is feeling homesick and envious of the annual signer-fisher-utt-caplin-boor festivities. someone eat a latke for me.

  8. carissa

    I just found this (i was gathering emails off of facebook for our wiffle opener- sorry you’ll miss it!) and read the whole thing- congrats on your move and you make me miss it- kurt was there for almost 3 years on and off and I visited enough to hate and love it! Your descriptions brought back all the love.

    keep it coming!

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