birthday in bath

I turned 32 Saturday and it was perfect. Primarily because I have the blessing and good fortune to have lived another year on this great earth.

The bonus was that my sweet prince of a husband surprised me with a weekend getaway to Bath, England. The shortest description I can give of Bath: amazing town 1 1/2 hours west of London by train, 80,000 people (also a lot of university students including study abroad), rolling green hills, unbelievable Georgian architecture all in the same stone, famous bridge with shops on it, incredible parks and churches, the River Avon, plenty of culture and sports (including lots of lawn bowling), Jane Austen lived there and writes about Bath in several of her novels (did you know none were published under her name until after her death??), but mostly the town is famous famous famous famous for its 5th century A.D. Roman Baths built around a natural hot spring.

In honor of the aquatic relaxation theme of this aptly-named place, Bryan booked us for two nights at the posh and magical Bath Spa Hotel. It included a pool, outdoor heated hydrotherapy pool, jacuzzi, and five kinds of saunas. Even our gorgeous bathroom had a mirror with a perfect square in the center that always remained fog-less during showering. Holy! I think Bryan deserved the relaxation more than me, but I was honored to be the recipient of his love and generosity.

I am also eternally grateful for the birthday love so many of you have sent my way.

view of Bath birthday message from Bath Spa Hotel kooky window with royals pics bry River Avon street performer with sparkler in his bum stained glass in Bath Abbey audio tour at the Roman Baths Yael audio tour Roman Baths Bry at the baths - b&w Bry Jane Austen No Fly Tipping? us Royal Crescent lawn bowling Yael kissing Bryan



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4 responses to “birthday in bath

  1. Barks

    I have got to go to England RIGHT NOW.

  2. Hey Yael-

    Oh my god – totally didn’t realize it was your birthday!! Happy (somewhat belated) Birthday from steamy Miami! Both Jen and I are good – although I have to say a little jealous about your day trip to Bath.

  3. Sonjey

    you guys have an amazing life!!! keep on enjoying it!

  4. Snosh

    what are those grey things you are holding to your ears?

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