a new “machine”

I remember how traumatized I was to switch from Hotmail to Gmail. That’s what this feels a little like…

We got a Mac.

Bryan with new Mac

I already watched The Bachelor on it, thanks to my in-laws joining forces to set up our slingbox with dvr. Thank you in-laws. Thank you reality tv. Thank you good friend we have at Apple. Life will be okay.

(My former boss calls computers “machines,” as in “Let’s sit down at your machine so I can dictate this letter.” I always liked that because it made me feel like we could type a letter if we wanted, or in the alternative, we could make a shop class pepsi can-lamp, or direct space shuttle liftoff…whatever we were in the mood for.)



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7 responses to “a new “machine”

  1. snosh

    how is it that so many of your blogs get the “quantum physics” tag? very curious.

  2. Brian

    Computer failure in Cambodia? Whats happened to charamella08? He isn’t updating, and I am in dire need a well-woven tale of tropical adventure as I procrastinate at the office

  3. Brian

    nevermind – found it. My afternoon is saved.

  4. yaelgutt

    Bri, I just commented on his blog for you. Glad you’re hanging in there.

  5. We’re in the process of getting a few more machines right now. But we’re not allowed to get them fixed if something happens.

  6. Joe

    Yael, I can consider you a real friend now that you have seen the light. Welcome.

  7. nilda

    I am one of the unfortunate few that you didn’t have to explain what you meant by “machine.” Oh, how I wish I wasn’t… ha ha

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