old is the new young

Remember that show “thirtysomething“? It was on ABC during the approximate 4-year span when I was finishing up a triumphant run in Junior High and transitioning to my freshman year of high school, where the low moments, like when my mom busted me at a party of a friend who was the daughter of a congressman with a beer can in my hand, were juxtaposed with the high: crush on a cute, perfectly short-heighted senior boy who made me an REM mix tape for Valentine’s.

I distinctly remember at the time thinking the show looked horrifying, boring, terrible, and about really old people. The idea of watching it was on par with a double-bill of M*A*S*H and Murder She Wrote, and I wanted none of it.

Now I realize that that show is my current life. Minus the hairstyles. I wouldn’t have ordinarily realized it so quickly- even with all the friends with babies and fact that I would rather watch tv and go to sleep on a weekend night than do almost anything else- had it not been for my cousins’ Facebook profiles.

So through marriage, my stepmom’s nieces and nephews have become my cousins. They are all awesome good people, spanning an age range from toddler to college, and I am grateful to now call them family. And slowly but surely, they have been “adding” me to their Facebook accounts.

I was looking at one of their pages the other day, and saw that this particular cousin was born in 1991. What? Is that possible? Were human people born that year? My brain is trying to process all this. In 1991 I was wearing Vuarnet shorts and a Benetton t-shirt and getting psyched when Tesla’s “Signs” video came on MTV.

When I told one of the cousins, high-school aged, I even had a Facebook page, she laughed hard in that accidental but total disbelief kind of way. But now they are all willing to connect with me: them and all 7,482 of their “closest” friends, their admissions of hating books and loving illicitly-procured alcohol, their scandalous photos and ‘Hotness’ ratings, appreciation for Ne-Yo, Young Jeezy and too much mascara, their praises to 40-ounce drinks, proms, Uggs and flip cup.

So basically I think I’ll get the DVD box-set of thirtysomething and hunker down for the weekend. But my cousins’ secrets are safe with me. I’m not THAT old.



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9 responses to “old is the new young

  1. Fig in a Blanket

    I’d take being 30-something over 15 any day. Though we can never get back the good times with Lee Holland in the Summer of ’91. Thank goodness for Kings Dominion picture-scope keychains.

    ps. am i allowed to comment this much?!

  2. yaelgutt

    Ooooh, I forgot about the picture scope of us with Lee Holland keychain. Good one. Yes, please keep commenting. There are too many “hidden” readers of this blog 😉

  3. Barks

    I’m so glad Fig Newton asked that question. I was also worried I was over-commenting. I LOVED the show ThirtySomething. I used to pretend I was Mel Harris. Now that I am a 30-something, I don’t feel nearly as grown up as they were though.

  4. Jeremy

    You must have known that I’d respond. Having been born at the very tail end of 1980, I am in the dark as to what it is like to be “in my thirties”… I don’t understand – do you want to stay in on weekend nights b/c of arthritis? Maybe sciatica? By the way, what is this television show called “Thirtysomething”? Mel Harris? (who is that?) Is it in “technicolor?” Was it good??

    I realize that everyone reading this blog will now hate me…..

  5. nilda

    I am holding on for dear life to 29 – my husband may be thirtysomething, but I will remain 29 even after I turn 30 this fall and well after I turn thirtysomething. SCARY!!!!

  6. snosh

    uhm. is it really on dvd? i may have to take a hiatus from watching golden girls season by season on dvd to do a 30-something refresher. the only thought that keeps me sane when reflecting on how old i am is the thought that there are 247? others that graduated from w-l in 1994 too.
    oh, i now have 7 grey hairs, and believe it or not, ppl are commenting that i should pluck or dye them. are these ppl insane?

  7. lee holland

    Anyone want an extra Kings Dominion picture-scope keychains? I saved a few from back in the day.

  8. yaelgutt

    My heart just dropped for a second!!

  9. Jyl

    Hey young jeezy, glad to see I made it to your blog. 😉

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