a peril of blogging

Achem. Some of my friends have used my blog as an excuse to never call or email me. The theory being that they already know everything going on with me.

Not true! There is so much I never even blog about- like the crazy dream I had where I ran into a shoe store to buy ten pairs of Crocs, those delightfully colorful and comfortably no-nonsense shoes made out of foam resin (especially hot with socks), and Cameron Diaz was the manager of the store and was helping me and it was very chaotic.

Oh wait- okay yeah, you don’t have to call or email me now.

P.S. HAPPY 33rd BIRTHDAY JOSH! I am so glad you are my brother, and that the stranglings you attempted on me as a child were never successful.


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One response to “a peril of blogging

  1. Ney Ney

    HAPPY 33RD BIRTHDAY JOSHIE!!!!!!!!!!!! Does this mean I don’t have to call you because you are reading this blog?

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