Dublin, we hardly knew ye. But love you. In our quick two-day trip to Dublin, I feel we conquered the city. If by “conquered” you mean Bryan drank a lot of Guinness and Yael went into every gift shop. I did not buy anything with clovers on it, but that could be a terrible mistake.

Sonya & Peter, usOur friends from NY, Sonya & Peter, were kind enough to invite us on the tail-end of their Ireland tour. It was a blast and I was surprised at how much we could see in two days. I was also surprised that: there are a lot of Irish people hanging around Dublin (you mean the tourists have not destroyed your soul yet?) and there are a lot of high-quality yummy-looking restaurants. The city is not overall quite as beautiful as I imagined, but it contains happy surprises at every turn in a jam-packed day of walking. Trinity grass Trinity College, St. Stephen’s Green, National Library, Iveagh Gardens (“the secret garden”), Dublin Castle, Chester Beatty Library, oldest pubs in Ireland, the River Liffey, beautiful cathedrals, museums, and plenty of James Joyce.

reading room National Library secret garden I Dracula River Liffey

Guinness St. James GateAn easy highlight was the Guinness Storehouse (check it out here)- the actual site of the Guinness Brewery, one of the largest properties in Dublin with its assorted buildings taking up quite a bit of land, and where for over 200 years Guinness has been made. The experience is on par with the best interactive exhibits/tours we have ever seen. After ascending seven floors and learning how the stout is brewed, its history, its iconic advertising campaigns, and its geographic reach — wait for it — you end at the top of the tower building, in a glass “Gravity Bar” with a 360º backdrop of the city and beyond. Oh, and you get a free pint of Guinness there. Mmm.

Dublin backdrop from Gravity Bar Bry Guinness

Little known fact: this is the same Guinness that sponsors the Guinness Book of World Records. Now I am in heaven.

Like any good European city, Dublin also had plenty of stag & hen (bachelor & bachelorette) parties to go around.

stag party hen party

And for my Brooklyn Law peeps…

The Brazen Head (Dublin)



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4 responses to “dublin

  1. Bryan Caplin

    The best 3 days of my life in this order, are:
    1. Mets winning 1986 World Series
    2. The day I toured the Guinness Brewery
    3. My wedding to Yael Goldie Utt, Princess of Marylebone.

    Okay, so #3 is really #1, but touring the Guinness Brewery is something all respectable beer drinkers must do before they die.

    Guinness Brewery: You complete me.

  2. Josh

    Guiness brewery… so jealous.

  3. Sonjey

    Hysterical, Bry!!!…

  4. Barks

    next time you go to Ireland, you have to go to Rochestown!


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