yeah, girl

You know what makes my heart sing?


Vanity Fair April 2008 cover

Who Says Women Aren’t Funny? is the lead cover story in April’s issue of Vanity Fair. Now you might be saying I am late to the party, and if I lived in the U.S. I would already know this, and I wouldn’t have had to discover the issue on the table in the waiting area of a marketing firm while techno music was playing. You would be right.

I laughed just looking at the Annie Leibovitz photos of the 12 women. I don’t remember being interested in picking up Vanity Fair since Demi Moore was preggers on the cover (while, somewhere, Ashton Kutcher was being simultaneously born) so um, go VF.

And yes, women are funny. I have no idea who prompted the question in the title but, they are probably not laughing all the way to the bank either.

And speaking of preggers… In law school, there was unofficial advice floating around that women should not interview for law jobs while wearing a wedding band- or else run the risk of looking like a soon-to-be baby machine, and potential dead weight for the employer. Knowing the difficult issues involved with employers and maternity leave, this article didn’t surprise me. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t make me sad.



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3 responses to “yeah, girl

  1. Brian

    Maybe my vocabulary isn’t exactly the best…. but um?: “you hire a fecund woman and she eventually sprogs.”

  2. Fig Newton

    oh yeah? well, now you could hire a man and then later find out he was born a woman, and then realize he “sprogs” too. go gender equality.

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