I am casting the net wide on interviewing here. More on that later. Question: should I work somewhere where they pump techno music through the office speakers?

More important question: who among you does not like Cadbury Creme Eggs? Because maybe you should stop reading this blog if you don’t. I find them delicious. And ingenious. All at once.

In case I failed you today, Charms will not. One of my younger brother’s best friends said goodbye to the man, rented his house out, and is traveling the world for a year. In case you have not yet gotten a whiff:



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4 responses to “um

  1. Farg

    never a better time than to culture yourself an appreciation of euro techno, right? next stop, ibiza with glow sticks.

    i have serious travel envy after reading through that blog. can i somehow justify studying for comp exams as a comparable “taking life by the horns” strategy? me thinks not.

    love, fellow cadbury creme egg lover

  2. Barks

    I make it a point to have at least one Cabury egg a day.

  3. Ney Ney

    Charms’ blog is breathtaking, hilarious, insightful and at times overwhelming. I think someday Charms and PC should have a face off: Charms being a monkey and PC being a duck. Re Cadbury, yes, one of life’s great pleasures. But I have to give the ultimate vote to Lindt. Sorry.

  4. snosh

    i hate cadbury eggs almost as much as i hate buffet restaurants. (ooh, i love that this comment space has spellchecker!)
    but i love you and refuse to stop reading your blog.

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