(or as Ali G says, techmology)

Now you know this is going to be a profound post. I, Yael X, will be talking about technology. Alert C|Net!!

Just kidding. What do I know. Not much, except this:

Somehow the computers here are very smart. When I try to watch The Bachelor for free from (which is partially the whole raison d’etre for my existence in this crazy, mixed-up world), a scolding message appears on an ominous black screen:

Only viewers within the United States can watch these full-length episodes.

Completely UNfair since The Bachelor is BRITISH this season.

But the same “technology” that has undermined my completely reasonable addiction to The-Most-Dramatic-Rose-Ceremony-Ever will save the day. Bryan and I were given a Slingbox by a friend and will hook it up to his mom’s computer, replete with DVR, and we will control our American tv watching from here. (cue evil laugh)

Somehow “the internets” here also knows to only search British sites. Which means if I need something quick from, a lot of yorkshire pudding articles will come up. If I go to, I can buy a lot of yorkshire pudding baking trays.

Gmail and Skype both have options where you can set your status as “invisible.” It means I look off-line, but I can see who is on-line. It makes it easier to not keep resetting my status if I get up from the computer. But what I like about Gmail is a very pointed message that constantly appears on the left-hand side of my Inbox:

You are invisible.

Sometimes Gmail, I know just what you mean.



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9 responses to “technology

  1. Josh

    Does the Yorkshire Chips company have one that is Yorkshire pudding flavored?

  2. Ney Ney

    Oh man, I am a victim of censorship. Now I must go and get my armband and protest sign out of the closet.

  3. Barks

    yo, do you have a good recipe for yorkshire pudding?

  4. yaelgutt

    I must admit I still have no idea what yorkshire pudding is. I am going to see how long I can hold out.

  5. Barks

    I don’t know either! I THINK it’s some sort of beef though, so calling it a pudding is actually a misnomer. Isn’t that bizarre?

  6. Kara DaSilva

    I would get the “only US” message on my computer while in Brazil when I would try to watch Dancing with the stars, General Hospital, and the Ugly Betty with Victoria Beckham on it-I just love her! It drove me crazy!

  7. snosh

    i just peed my bed a little reading this one. by the way, you used a word/term in this blog that had i read this only two days earlier i would’ve been able to complete that blank in my sf chronicle crossword puzzle. damn!
    raison d’etre

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