There are two types of conversions I spend a lot of time thinking about:

1) the horrendous U.S. to U.K. currency rate

2) the metric system

With respect to the first, I try not to double the price of something every time I am making a purchase. But that was almost impossible when I first tried out Virgin Active. Now, to my credit, I was trying to go to the gym after an eight-month, um, “dry spell.” So I went to the gym and was informed I could only have one trial day to work out for free. This seemed incredibly generous considering all the gyms in the U.S. give a paltry one-whole-week-free pass. Then I was told a monthly membership would be ₤79. Hmm, I thought, that would be $160 for one month. Do I also get a massage and hamburger after every workout? Will Jake Gyllenhaal be using free weights next to me?

Before I could let this news get me down, I had a workout to complete. And that’s when the second kind of conversion really messed with my head. I tried to weigh myself, but don’t know my weight in stones, or kilograms, or whatever was on the thing. Then my special Yael-on-the-elliptical-alone-time was ruined when I had no idea what my speed was, or distance run (well, not “run”- what is the verb for ellipticalled?). Plus, I had entered my weight in pounds by accident, so I think the workout was programmed for a morbidly obese person. At the end it was like, great job, you burned 6,000 calories.

I could only comfort myself by doing my favorite thing to do in gyms- stare in the mirror constantly.

Anyway, I ultimately found a better gym. Kinda reminds me of the Y in Brooklyn. Except with more English accents and less locker room fights. And they play badminton a lot there. Awe-some.


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  1. snosh

    oh god. that was great!

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