the moms’ visit

The thing about moms is that they will transport three boxes of Kashi cereal, all the way across the Atlantic, at the expense of bringing any clothes or toiletries for themselves, simply because you are convinced Kashi will make you lose weight. Moms will say your Dockers pants look good on you, even if they’re a little big. They will compliment your artistic towel arrangement in the bathroom, buy you presents at every expensive store you walk into and they will laugh and cry each night at dinner because one glass of wine is all it takes, but also because they feel so lucky to have you as children.

Maybe not all moms are that way. But ours are. That makes us the lucky ones.

Renee/Ney Ney and Sandra/Sonjey are on flights home. And we are a little happier in London now, knowing the two most important women in our lives blessed our little flat, and smiled upon our little life. Because in the end, aren’t we all still just children- waiting for approval?

Sandy in bakery 33 Nottingham Pl - moms shopping Renee shopping Mums mugs

Yael & Bryan - Regent’s Park Sandy, Bry & Yael - Regent’s Park Bryan as duck Sonjey & Bry Regent’s Park

Bus all of us bus Harrods candy Harrods
Di & Dodi memorial High tea Harrods Ney Ney & Yael high tea Portobello Road
Utt store Notting Hill pub in Notting Hill dinner in west end God of Carnage Carnaby Street


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One response to “the moms’ visit

  1. Sonjey

    The best weekend ever! What a great feeling to be in a foreign country and not feel like a tourist! Bryan walking like a duck…….priceless!

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