the moms are coming! the moms are coming!

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Tomorrow morning, at the crack of dawn, our mothers will descend upon London in all the trumpet-playing, red-carpet pomp & circumstance befitting two middle-aged American women mildly confused at Heathrow Airport, and schlepping enormous suitcases.

We love our mothers more than blog words can say, and feel so blessed they have decided to visit, together, for Easter weekend- or as I like to think of it: the weekend of the Vernal Equinox and Greece’s Independence Day.

In honor of their impending visit, and the brief hiatus I will take from blogging, I bring you…

The Great Things Our “Mums” Have in Common:

  • They are our biggest fans. They were the first people to call us internationally, the first to comment on this blog, the first to visit.
  • They are good sports. They both get made fun of a lot by their kids.
  • They are both hot & sexy cougars. (sorry Bry, don’t die)
  • They like to pass on email forwards.
  • They will do anything for us, like bring 80 pounds of stuff we requested from the U.S.
  • They both like to shop: Sonjey in the I-always-have-a-coupon way and Ney Ney in the way that if she had double knee replacement yesterday, but then sees a row of stores, she will miraculously regain the ability to walk.
  • They like to Skype, but sometimes get confused about the camera.
  • They both make our lives better. Sonjey promised to return and get a refund for the brand-new camera I broke in Seattle that Bryan almost divorced me over. Ney Ney has mailed us two packages since we moved here: one of Girl Scout Cookies, and one that was lost at the Royal Post for over a month because she forgot to write the # part of our street address. When I finally got it, the customs declaration form on the outside said simply, “panties.”

Cheers to our mums. May we all survive this little flat.



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3 responses to “the moms are coming! the moms are coming!

  1. Ney Ney

    I love that People cover photo. Sonjey is smiling directly into the camera and I am gazing off into space at some vaguely-remembered sort of half-memory that might or might not have been relevant to whatever was happening at that moment. But probably not. I am excited out of my mind about this trip, and I love you both even more than shopping. Most of the time. SEE YOU SOON!!! xxoo

  2. Kate

    oh my gosh! i know you are SO SO excited! have a blast!

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