Reading about Eliot Spitzer kind of makes me feel distraught like he’s the ex-boyfriend I never had. And I don’t care who reading this blog feels I am ill-equipped to add an original voice to the cacophony already tap-tapping away about the E-man. Because I agree with you. Nothing novel here. Just sadness. Would it be trite to say that if he can do this- who can’t? So for the ladies out there: how long does it take to trust again and get a new boyfriend?

(Admission: I went to a wine tasting tonight. It was fun, even with the German guy telling us Americans were inferior, but he liked all the people he met in Houston on business. We were like: Houston? Oh that’s good. That’s a regular old slice of Americana right there.)



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2 responses to “spitzer

  1. naty

    well, it takes at least 3 years to even consider a new boyf. whether or not you’re ready to trust again by that time- i haven’t reached that milestone yet …

  2. Farg

    Carrie, is that you? Is this Sex in the City London Style? How my life has been void of meaning since the reruns have dried up. Someone call HBO stat.

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