babymamas and sex

I know a lot of babymamas these days (I mean, well, the married type). A. Lot.

Something interesting happened the other day (and by “interesting,” I mean interesting to ME- that’s how a blog works buddy). Within a 24 hour span my sister-in-law and one of my closest friends found out the sexes of their in utero wee little ones. The reactions were different. My sister-in-law found out she is having her second boy, and while I give her an immense amount of credit for *looking on the bright side*, her initial disappointment was not even thinly veiled. My friend found out her first will be a girl. And she told me that going into the sonogram she had mentally prepared herself that she was having a boy, almost as a way to psyche herself out of what she really wanted. It’s safe to say she is elated at the actual news.

And I started thinking.

Crap. I want girls and boys.

I am so grateful, therefore, that among the many claims to fame of the great Northern Virginia region I hail from, it has one of the only fertility clinics in the U.S. that will actually help you select the sex you want for your baby. The process goes by the euphemism “Family Balancing” and they have a strict set of rules about when you can engage in this apparently socially acceptable form of eugenics.

Don’t think I won’t go there.

But first, in honor of letting fate decide, I bring you our perfect, first nephew- Bryan’s godson, Aidan:

Aidan & Linds



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5 responses to “babymamas and sex

  1. Ney Ney

    Fate seems to do a pretty good job all on its own.
    Hey, can i claim Aidan as my great-nephew-in-law?

  2. Sonjey

    Hey, that’s my gorgeous grandson!!!!! Thanks for sharing……How blessed are we?

  3. Lindsay

    My little man is a star!!

  4. Kate

    i want girls and boys too yaelie!

  5. yaelgutt

    I know you do babycakes! I just meant it’s so out of our hands overall…

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