Yael, what do you do all day long?

Get at least nine hours of sleep, check my email, Skype, walk all over London, stare at maps for hours, sometimes read, pretend to look for jobs, blog, go to the gym, buy things when I’m allowed, watch old episodes of Sally Jesse Raphael, set up the flat, stay home for deliveries and service people, think about good place mat/cloth napkin combos, and plan dinners with all 4 food groups.

Are you going to get a job?

If it was up to me, I would have one already. It’s a little tricky. As an American attorney not authorised (aka authorized) to practice UK law, I have tried to creatively think of what else I would be suited for. HR? Marketing? Event planning? Centerpiece making? Wedding planning? Unlicensed therapist? Housemember on Big Brother? But I keep coming back to the fact that I like being a lawyer, I worked hard for it. I have always loved working, just not always the people I worked for.

So 3 blog readers, what color is my parachute? Who stole my cheese? Talk to me.

Will it hurt you that Eliot Spitzer’s name is on your CV (aka resume)?

I have heard they like mistresses and prostitutes in Europe, so I am going to see how it goes for awhile.

How is Bryan liking his job?

Oh yeah, that guy. Totally digging the challenge of managing so many people (with quite a few trilingual), really respects his boss, and excited for the opportunities Europe presents. He works here, right in the mix of everything in Central London. He has been told by two different German colleagues, respectively, that he “has the whitest teeth ever” and a talk he gave was “Obama-like.”

When are you getting pregnant?

Good one.

Who will win the Democratic nomination in the U.S.?

John Edwards, natch. Oh wait, did I miss something?



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9 responses to “faq’s

  1. Ney Ney

    I’ve though of a zillion responses, but I can’t top Barky’s. Oh wait, both Queen Liz and Camilla could use some wardrobe coaching….

  2. Farg

    Number 3 weighs in…
    Did you know i’m now over educated in career counseling these days? According to the standardized assessments i took, i would’ve enjoyed law enforcement. so, stay open (and in the meantime, stock your chip and pint reserve). or you could just keep nookin’ for nub.

  3. mira

    Faithful #4 here! I say keep on decorating and try for some event planning…I here the British need to learn how to party, anyway.

  4. Brian

    The HR director at my company deals with legal issues on a daily basis. And you have an emplymnt law background. But she also deals with other BS that sounds miserable.

    How do you manage the gym without Arbur?

  5. yaelgutt

    Pleban, you are hilarious. Sometimes I do miss Arbur. He really towed the line nicely between being helpful and being lascivious. His partner-in-crime freaked me out too.

  6. Kara DaSilva

    Your daily schedule looks oddly familiar to mine while I was in Brazil. I guess we read the same handbook for expat wives. There are a few differences though, rather than touring I was dodging ricochet bullets and avoiding kidnappers instead of planning/cooking dinner (our housing provided it each night which is not as nice as it sounds since it gives me even LESS to do each day) I went out and bought the biggest, hardest puzzle I could find and wouldn’t let myself look at the box top. Cheers to passing the time!

    And just becuase I don’t always comment doesn’t mean I am not a loyal reader! And by the looks of it I am number 5

  7. Virg

    I think your “schedule” (sounding british in my mind) sounds simply marvelous…. A little R&R never hurt anyone and you are expanding your cultural background/education. Sounds like you have lots of time to start training for the London Marathon…. 🙂 Being the creative marketable person that you are….there’s definitely peeps, stores and probably lots of charities just waiting for your services! Run Yael run….

  8. nilda

    I LOVE this entry – it just so happens that 5 out of the 6 questions have also been asked of me repeatedly over the past couple of months of married an unemployed life… LOL

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