getting all national on me

The world I know is being shaken to its core.

It turns out the English don’t blindly accept the way America has named certain items after their country of origin. Instead:

“swiss” cheese = emmental

“french” fries = chips

“english” muffin = crumpet

“american” cheese = too gross for them to sell here. Which sucks. I am always hungry for it now.

We have been represented in some very important ways, though…

Baskin-Robbins    Bisquick



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3 responses to “getting all national on me

  1. Ed

    My Aussie wife has different names for half the things in the house. You’ll get used to it.

    napkins = serviettes
    diaper = nappy
    garbage = bin
    cookies = biscuits

  2. Ed

    you were talking about country names, whoopsie…

  3. yaelgutt

    Ed, I love it! Your kids will be bi-lingual. I have been keeping my own translation list, which is why I felt for Simon Cowell the night on American Idol when he accused a contestant of singing a jingle as though it was for a “washing-up liquid” commercial, and Paula and Randy were like, what the f is washing up liquid??

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