grrl power

I forget why we exclude the “i.” Maybe it’s like “womyn” so that the word is no longer a derivation of “man”?? I am not a perfect feminist so I can’t be bothered with all the language framing of our struggle. But I know some awesome girls when I see them-

Last night, as promised to my faithful 3 blog readers, we went to see Northern State open for Tegan & Sara at Koko in Camden. At first it was surreal to watch three women tear up the stage with their wicked raps and sexy moves in front of thousands, knowing that just hours earlier they were in my flat and I was forcing cereal bars on them and lending my hairdryer (3-prong plug, people!!!). But I quickly got over that, and reveled in, yet again, the marvel of people my age doing what they care about in a fearless way. It’s always interesting to see how people react when you tell them what you do for living. 9 out of every 10 people I know bore the living daylights out of their listeners. Sorry but it’s true. So G-d, if you’re reading my blog (and obviously you are), please let me always have a job that is interesting to talk about. That is why I am starting to look on for contortionist jobs. There is a folded up pretzel inside of me just dying to get out.

Okay, I have gone off the deep-end. Luckily, I am inches away from my best IT friend at Mailboxes Etc., Angel. Like everyone else in London, except for the Americans and the British, he speaks 42 languages.

Back to the point- Correne, Robyn and Julie (aka Spero, Sprout and Hesta Prynn) tore it up. Highlight for us had to be when Correne said to the audience that her close friend Bryan, from way back in 2nd grade, was in the crowd and had the lighting people shine a light on him and made the crowd look at him. I was like, step off ladiez, he’s MINEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Northern State at Koko

Bry & Yael with Northern State



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3 responses to “grrl power

  1. Ney Ney

    Sorry for having not responded lately. I’ve been touring with Miracle and/or fighting ants.

  2. Barks

    you guys look so hip and British already!

  3. Julie

    Yael!! We had so much fun with you guys, hope we see you in Barcelona!!

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