we’re still here

In case you were worried.

We “officially” moved into our new flat on Friday, which is why we have no internet. We *had* been using the connection in our corporate apartment. So the last 6 days have been sans home phone, internet, cable and the pin to my debit card. Things have been very swift and efficient as you can see. Bryan keeps threatening to do something terrible to the British Telecom tower near our flat, but I hope to see a few cities before we get expatriated to the U.S. as criminals. So I bring you this fascinating post from my favorite spot at the local Mailboxes Etc.

Let’s see, where to begin…

Friday we moved in and just in time, we had our first visitor. Bryan’s friend from high school was here for the London launch of BET, and stayed with us for the weekend. After enough time to take all the linens to a laundromat (we are having a problem with our washer… wow, this blog is GRIPPING…), we had three more visitors last night. Also from Bryan’s high school, Northern State is a super duper rap group opening tonight for Tegan & Sara in London.

So it’s been an eventful move-in, and weekend. We went to a friend’s champagne party where some cute Brit boys told me Jon Stewart wasn’t funny, and with respect to Ms. Natalie Portman- her first film had to be called “The Professional” in America, as opposed to its proper title “Leon,” since we would not have been sophisticated enough to go see it. I vigorously agreed with him since I only see movies starring The Rock and Martin Lawrence.

We also had tasty dim sum, went to the famous Borough Market, walked along the Thames, and I spent some more time at Ikea. I just love that place.

Are you bored reading this yet? I am.



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3 responses to “we’re still here

  1. Barks

    I am not bored. And am eager to hear more laundry stories. I love how you guys move to a new country where you presumably know no one and still have a better social life than me. PS It’s 11:15 am and I have already checked your blog three times today.

  2. Big Pipes

    hey cute brit boy…the short story and italian hoagies. need i continue?

  3. mira

    So….did you go see Tegan and Sara?! I hope we can Skype soon.

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