my biggest fear

No, not crickets.

My biggest fear in moving over here… and I thought about this a lot, really pondered it and let it soak in… and still my biggest fear was:

what if there was no Target / Wal-Mart type place?

So in the tradition of Yael-being-utterly-surprised-and-delighted-at-one-thing-each-day-in-the-UK, imagine the good laugh I had last week when I took the Tube all the way to Argos, the store everyone says is the go-to for EVERYTHING, and I walk in to its broad facade, large gleaming store letters, fluorescent lighting howdoyoudo, and…

it’s not a store at all. Or at least not like what we’re used to in the acres of possibility in a Target. At Argos, you are simply allowed to go to one of fifty little stations, flip through a catalog the size of a phone book, write all your item numbers down on a piece of paper, and someone retrieves them for you. Or delivers them. Don’t get me wrong, I love Argos. You can get everything you can get at Wal-Mart, minus the semi-automatic rifles. Since guns are illegal here. Which is ridiculous. Why would you EVER want to deter a shooting spree at a high school????

But I digress.



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4 responses to “my biggest fear

  1. Kate

    argoes sounds awesome!

  2. Barks

    So it’s like the Lazy Person’s Target. You pick, they retrieve. I like.

  3. mira

    What a timely post…I totally thought about you today when I was in Target picking up a few things. I wondered if you would miss Target. I decided no because I you are too sophisticated for Target. But maybe not 😉 I think lazy person’s target sounds awesome, actually, except how do they know exactly what you want since there are like 50 kinds of toothpastes? Let’s discuss on Skype soon.

  4. Barks

    Mira brings up a good point. For example, what about buying clothes at Argoes? Do you just guess what your size is? Or does Argoes not have clothes? Which would be tragic b/c I buy all my clothes at Target. OMG I did NOT just admit that to the 1000 people who are apparently reading your blog everyday. Let’s discuss on Skype soon, which, until I figure out the video and mike function, means you will talk and I will type in return. Fun.

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