After much deliberation, Bryan has decided he is an Arsenal fan. He carefully considered the storied histories of the English soccer teams, ruled out Man U, as it is the “Yankees” of soccer here, and ultimately- went with the team with the most American players. He claims there are other reasons. We’ll see about that, Mr. Yankee.

Brits sometimes call Americans “Yankees.” Which I would definitely find hilarious if I was from New Orleans or something. A Southerner a Yankee?? Well, I’ll be!! (I’ve always wanted to use that expression.)

I am catching on though:

Football = Soccer Match = Game Pitch = Field Manager = Coach Club = Team

or something like that.

On Sunday we caught part of the Tottenham vs. Chelsea match at The Larrik, with Bryan’s friend from work. I was accosted by two American girls in the bathroom after I made the mistake of saying “excuse me” in my native tongue. They shrieked with delight and asked me where I was from. It felt wrong to say Brooklyn. I mean, then people expect Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny. Now I just say Brooklyn, but originally DC. Seems more believable, right.

Anyway, this one girl proceeded to yell at me after she found out my husband was considering rooting for Tottenham. I didn’t follow her but it had something to do with a coach from Spain who murdered a player with steroids- something like that. So upon returning to my seat, the girls wanted to very loudly demand that Bryan consider his loyalties. When all was said and done, me, Bryan and our friend Ricky had the following exchange:

Yael: I guess it’s pretty obvious those girls are American.

Bryan: Was it the screaming across the bar that gave it away?

Ricky: I think it was when they yelled “sucks ass.”



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4 responses to ““football”

  1. Big Pipes

    Watch it Ricky……

  2. Big Pipes

    You are from Arlington. Come correct.

  3. Barks

    freaking Americans. PS Your hometown does not change. It is and always will be Arlington.

  4. mira

    Also…boots = cleats. I’m jel you get to see so much great football.

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